Kodo Hair - Melbourne Hair Salon

When you enter Kodo, prepare for a Kodo Kreation.

When you step into Kodo, you enter a world of warmth, colour and style. Sparked by a natural curiosity about you and your preferred style, a friendly smile and warm conversation are an integral part of your time at Kodo. But there is more to Kodo than a friendly greeting; just as Monet would study his palette and techniques in light of his subject, Nadine and team consider the full range of colours and styles to create an image that is complimentary to your face shape and colouring. Kodo is also synonymous with style and when you step out of Kodo, be prepared to say: ‘Well thank you – it’s a Kodo Kreation’.

Kodo Hair was established in 2009. Located in the heart of the CBD, Kodo Hair is tucked away in one of Melbourne’s funkiest laneways. The creative team at Kodo Hair Salon makes your hair needs their focus while you relax and enjoy the personalised care. Each style cut and colour is customised to make you look your best.

Melbourne Hair Salon - Kodo Hair